Be the ‘BEST’ hand fighter on the field! This one of a kind football video set includes two hours of instruction: Four Levels, 20+ football hand fighting techniques, and over 60 drills. GAIN AN EDGE…improve your hand speed, timing, & precision! Featuring NFL veteran, Anthony Zettel. ONLY $179.00!

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The #1 Hand Fighting Program In The Country
The MMAFx Hand Fighting & Hand Speed Conditioning training program develops and increases the level of a football athlete’s: hand fighting techniques, hand speed, reaction speed, timing, precision, i mprove focus, quicker information processing, increase non-dominant hand control, hand eye foot coordination, punching power, footwork, agility, cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, conditioning, and CONFIDENCE.

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    Sean Spencer/Defensive Line Coach - New York Giants

    Gain An Edge

    "The MMAFx Hand Fighting & Hand Speed Conditioning training program is, ON POINT!"

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    Ruffin McNeill/OLB, DL, & Assistant Head Coach - Oklahoma Sooners

    Gain An Edge

    "The MMAFx Hand Fighting & Hand Speed Conditioning training program is 'THE BEST' I have seen in 39 years of coaching!"  

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    Northeast Pennsylvania Youth Football Academy

    Gain An Edge

    "No question about it, the MMAFx hand fighting and hand speed instructional videos set has tremendously benefited our young players. It has improved our hand eye coordination, hand movements, and ability to shed blocks, rush the passer, etc. We feel that doing these drills also improves our athletes confidence. We feel that doing the hand to hand drills prior to the actual workout, improves the whole workout."

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    Craig Fitzgerald/Head Strength Coach - New York Giants

    Gain An Edge

    "Bruce Lombard brings his elite and extensive MMAFx hand fighting program to football athletes of all levels. He has trained my teams in the Big Ten, SEC, and the NFL. Bruce's teaching methodology and coaching style are unmatched."

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    Joe Connolly/Head Strength Coach - Arizona State Sun Devils

    MMAFx Hand Fighting & Hand Speed Conditioning training program is the single best combination of football specific drills and MMA influence. There are a lot of pretenders out there, that think they have it all figured out. But, MMAFx has seamlessly incorporated to an incredibly advanced level into one hand fighting and hand speed training system that allows Coaches to implement the program in an easy way to their players. It is a ‘GREAT TOOL’ for Coaches and athletes!!

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    Anthony Zettel/DL - San Fransisco 49ers

    "The MMAFx hand fighting program has made my hand speed and timing so much better, my hand eye coordination so much better. I recommend this MMAFx program to all defensive lineman looking to improve their hand fighting on the field."

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    FIT Football Lineman Academy - Ypsilanti, Michigan

    "When it comes do developing your athletes hand eye coordination and hand fighting comprehension and ability, the MMAFx Hand Fighting & Hand Speed Conditioning training program is the best we have seen in our collective 40 years of football coaching experience. As the Owners and Head Coaches at the FIT Football Academy, we believe in the training program so much for our lineman athletes, we recently earned our Level One Certification in the MMAFx Hand Fighting and Offensive Line Cross Training programs."

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    Jeff Reinardy/Head Strength Coach - Winona State University

    "I would like you to know how impressed I am with the MMAFx Hand Fighting & Hand Speed Conditioning training program. It will give our athletes a competitive edge by increasing their athleticism with their hand speed, hand eye coordination, and reaction timing."

GAIN AN EDGE! Order your Hand Fighting & Hand Speed Conditioning instructional Volume 1-4 video set below! A fundamental guide to basic and advanced football hand fighting techniques. ONLY $179.00!

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Team Seminar

Team Seminars introduce and break down basic level techniques and drills in this hands on training clinic. Additionally the clinic includes working with Defensive Line and Wide Receiver specific advanced techniques and drills. Clinic main goal is on helping coaches feel comfortable with coaching and implementing the program immediately. Learn how to teach and coach this unique football hand fighting program that has been implemented by over 40 collegiate programs including teams from: SEC, Big Ten, Pac-Ten, Big 12, ACC, Ivy, and more. CLINIC OPTIONS: 4 hour Coaches ONLY training; 6 hour Coaches & players training; 10 hour Coaches & Players training

Private Trainings

The MMAFx Private Trainings are one on one, or small group trainings (2-6 athletes). Offered in two programs: HAND FIGHTING & HAND SPEED CONDITIONING training focuses on developing the athlete’s: hand fighting skills, hand speed, reaction timing, precision, hand eye coordination, improve non-dominant hand control, improve focus, process information quicker, hand eye foot coordination, conditioning, and CONFIDENCE. OFFENSIVE LINEMAN CROSS TRAINING training focuses on developing the athlete’s: punching power, punching accuracy, hand speed, hand eye coordination, timing, footwork, agility, eye hand foot coordination, balance, conditioning, and CONFIDENCE.

MMAFx Coach Certification

Coaches can earn a Level One and Level Two MMAFx Coach Certification. Level One is earned by completing the four hour program workshop covering all basic level techniques and drills. Level Two is earned by completing additional refresher workshop covering coaches competence with the Level One techniques and comprehension of advanced techniques and drills in the program. MMAFx Coach Certification workshops are offered in One on One or Small Group training workshops.

NSCA Continuing Education

MMAFx “Hand Fighting & Hand Speed Conditioning Training” program is NSCA approved. National Strength & Conditioning Association(NCSA) has approved continuing education units (0.1 per hour) to be earned at MMAFx “Hand Fighting Skills Training” clinics. NSCA Home Study continuing education units are also available with purchase of the instructional video set and MMAFx Training Booklet, and a satisfactory completion of a multiple choice exam. NSCA has approved 0.5 units available for this Home Study option.