what is MMAFx

A Cutting Edge And Comprehensive MMA/Football Cross Training System

This “Mixed Martial Arts/Football Cross Training” (MMAFx) system is the most comprehensive of its kind.  The system includes movements, techniques, and skills from multiple combat sports and traditional martial arts that simulate those used in football competition. MMAFx Creator, Bruce Lombard, has developed numerous skill and conditioning focused drills incorporating techniques from Boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, and traditional arts that fulfill this system.  The goals of MMAFx are to develop and increase the mental and physical capability of a football athlete’s: hand speed, hand techniques, timing, precision, punching power, agility, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, balance, body leverage control, injury prevention, confidence, and hand fighting skills.


MMAFx  was created in 2011 by Professional MMA and Muay Thai Coach, Bruce Lombard. Bruce is the owner of LombardMMA located in State College, PA.  He has been teaching martial arts and coaching numerous martial athletes in sport competition for over two decades. Bruce utilizes over twenty years of martial arts experience to continually develop one of the most modern and innovative cross training programs for football athletes of all levels.  Coach Lombard has trained several NFL and Collegiate football athletes, some of which include: Anthony Zettel, John Urschel, DaQuan Jones, Mike Hull, Austin Johnson, and Ross Travis.  He has also instructed his system to multiple high school football coaches and athletes in Pennsylvania and New York State.  

Instructional Video Set

The MMAFx “Hand Fighting Skills Program” instructional video set is now available!  This instructional video set includes four training levels, 60 plus drills, 25 techniques, and features former Penn State Nittany Lion defensive stand out and current NFL defensive lineman for the Detroit Lions, Anthony Zettel. The MMAFx “Hand Fighting Skills Program” instructional video set is the first of its kind.  It details each technique and drill thoroughly, and guides the viewer, athlete, and coach through four levels from beginner to advanced. This program will increase the football athletes mental and physical capability to hand fight on the football field and help him “Gain an Edge” over his competition.  FOOTBALL “HAND FIGHTING SKILLS TRAINING” PROGRAM INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO SET…SOLD HERE! (click here)  

MMAFx Coach Certification

Individuals can earn a Level One and Level Two MMAFx Coach Certification.  Level One is earned by completing the eight hour program seminar covering all 25 techniques and all level one and level two drills.  Level Two is earned by completing an additional six hour seminar covering coaches competence with the program no sooner than one year after earning their Coach Level One certification.  Level Two Certification will also include introduction to advanced drills in the program. MMAFx Coach Certification seminars are offered throughout the football off-season.  Seminars can also be set up by team coaching staffs. 

NSCA Continuing Education

MMAFx “Hand Fighting Skills Training” program is NSCA approved.  National Strength & Conditioning Association(NCSA) has approved continuing education units (.1 per hour) to be earned at MMAFx “Hand Fighting Skills Training” clinics.  NSCA Home Study continuing education units are also available with purchase of the instructional video set and MMAFx Training Booklet, and a satisfactory completion of “Hand Fighting Skills Training” written exam.  NSCA has approved .5 units available for this Home Study option. 

MMAFx Certification Seminars

help your athlete’s “gain an edge”
  1. State College

    May 20, 2017

    MMAFx Level One Certification

    Tickets are no longer available for this event.

  2. Harrisburg

    June 03, 2017

    MMAFx Level One Certification

  3. Hand Fighting Skills Training Clinic

    June 10, 2017

    Hand Fighting Skills Training Clinic (NSCA Approved)

    Come learn the basic level techniques and drills of the MMAFx Hand Fighting Skills Training program that has been implemented by some of the most elite college football programs in the SEC and Big Ten, as well as, the NFL's Houston Texans.

    This clinic will provide coaches a basic template program of hand fighting skills techniques and drills that can be implemented day one for their defensive lineman and wide receiver athlete's summer training!

    Strength & Conditioning coaches can earn 0.1 CEUs per hour of this National Strength & Counditioning Associtaion(NSCA) approved clinic training.

  4. Level Two Certification

    May 19, 2018

    Level Two Certification Seminars coming summer 2018

mmafx manual

Football Hand Fighting Skills Training Booklet

a training manual for use with the MMAFx video series
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MMAFx Athletes

Working Hard And Making Success

MMAFx has benefited football athletes of many different positions at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels.

MMAFx Programs

Gain An Edge On The Field

The goals of MMAFx are to develop and increase the level of a football competitor’s hand speed, hand techniques, timing, precision, punching power, agility, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, balance, body leverage control, and injury prevention.

  • Jul 2016 - ...

    Offensive Lineman Training

    Gain An Edge

    Focusing on the offensive lineman's individual hand speed, punching power, punching accuracy, body leverage, foot speed, agility, flexibility, timing, and conditioning.

  • Jul 2016 - ...

    Defensive Lineman Training

    Gain An Edge

    Focusing on hand fighting skills, hand speed, punching power, timing, hand/eye coordination, punching accuracy, agility, flexibility, foot speed, body leverage, and conditioning.

  • ... - ...

    Football Combat Conditioning Training

    Gain An Edge

    Train like an MMA and Muay Thai fighter in the off-season and take this elite conditioning and football sport specific skills to the field.

  • ... - ...

    Hand Fighting Skills Training

    Gain An Edge

    Learn the art of hand fighting for football! Develop and increase your hand speed, timing, precision, and technique.  Be the best hand fighter on the football field.  MMAFx "Hand Fighting Skills Training" program instructional videos are AVAILABLE HERE!


What MMAFx Athletes are Saying
Anthony Zettel

Detroit Lions/DL

“This off-season MMAFx training translates perfectly to the football field.  For a lineman, whoever has the best hands is going to win the battle.  This stuff makes my hand-speed so much better, makes my hand-eye coordination so much better, it is just the muscle memory.  Without even thinking my hands are constantly moving in games.”

John Urschel

Baltimore Ravens/OL

“I started training with Bruce to improve my conditioning.  The training sessions served a dual purpose, as we worked to improve my balance, footwork, and overall athleticism during the first half a training session, and in the second half worked to improve both my muscular and cardiovascular endurance.  All the while teaching me about the art of MMA.  My training sessions with Bruce are why I am in the shape I am in, and why I am fresh when opponents get tired during a long drive.  I would recommend training with Bruce for cross training of another sport, for improved conditioning, or even to learn the art of MMA, which is fascinating in itself.”

Craig Fitzgerald

Houston Texans/Head S&C Coach

“It is an honor to speak on Coach Bruce Lombard’s MMAFx training program. Through Coach Lombard’s training systems our strength staff was able to design and implement sport focused MMAFx programs for all our collegiate teams from Women’s Lax, Soccer to football. Coach Lombard’s methodology has received rave reviews from all our players at our current team in the NFL. By utilizing MMAFx we feel we have made tremendous improvements as well as gained an edge over our competition in the following performance areas:

  • Total body conditioning
  • Eye-hand-feet coordination
  • Footwork and mobility
  • Striking force and explosiveness
  • Intangibles: mental-physical toughness and confidence

Sam Ficken

Jacksonville Jaquars/PK

Bruce Lombard MMA/Muay Thai Kickboxing training has been instrumental in my post college football development over the past six months.  While continuing my current weight room progressions, adding MMA/Kickboxing sessions has furthered my ability to become an NFL Kicker.  The dynamic movements has enabled me to kick at greater distances as well as increase my endurance while making me a better athlete along the way.  I highly recommend this type of training, as well as Bruce Lombard.  The results speak for themselves.

Ben Kline

Penn State Football '15/LB

I trained with Bruce for three years, and we did a combination of hand training and total body conditioning to prepare me to return to the field following surgery. Bruce’s program consistently got me in the best shape of my life, and the techniques he taught me translated directly to football. The hours I spent with Bruce were some of the most focused training sessions I’ve ever taken part in, and I wouldn’t have been able to come back from my injuries without his help.

Sean Hayes

Houston Texans/Asst. S&C Coach

Sean was the original Penn State S & C coaches to train in the MMAFx system.  Under the guidance of Craig Fitzgerald, Sean trained with Coach Lombard multiple times a week and learned much of the system techniques and drills in order to incorporate some of the program during Penn State football practices.